Terms & Conditions

The International courses Villa Baruchello Summer Academy are open to musicians of all nationalities, without age limits who are members of the Cultural Association Club della Musica . To become a member of the Association, simply fill in the registration form and mark the appropriate registration box.


  1. Participants in the masterclasses are divided into two categories: Active and Observer. There is no limit for observer participants
  2. Applications for active participants will be accepted in order of application (date of application). Once the limit of active participants will be reached, it will be the teacher to decide whom to accept as an active or observer participant
  3. All participants will attend to the ensemble music workshop or to chamber music, depending on the level, the availability of other musicians for the ensembles, and in agreement with the teachers
  4. Teacher will be assisted by a professional piano accompanist. It is requested to send the piano parts before the registration deadline
  5. Will be available for participants study rooms
  6. Direction does not assume risks or damages of any kind that may arise to the participants from the course activities ( read point 29)
  7. Students enrolled in the courses are required to come equipped with a lectern and appropriate clothing for public concerts
  8. The successful completion of a master-class at the Villa Baruchello Summer Academy & Festival Archi in Villa Baruchello held by internationally renowned artists can be an important asset in every artist’s biography. At the end of their master-class, active participants receive a diploma confirming their participation.
  9. Participant who will demonstrate an outstanding preparation will be selected for taking part on the Festival concerts
  10. Since public concerts are considered as an integral part of the teaching process, no compensation is payable to student performers.

Application and payment

  1. Application deadline:20th June 2020. After this date applications will be possible only if places will be still available (send email to check availability).
  2. The application fee is 70 euros. For those who enroll by May 31, the registration fee has a discount of 30%, 49.00 euros. Payment of the Application Fee must be made by bank transfer to the following account:

name of the bank

Account info
63821 Porto S.Elpidio Italia

IBAN IT59W0615069670CC0160101419


Account Holder

Associazione Culturale CLUB DELLA MUSICA

Via dei Mille n.14 – 63821 Porto S. Elpidio (FM) – Italia

  1. In case of withdrawalthe fee will not be refunded. Refunds will be paid only if the class is cancelled by the organizers. When you register, you are asked to attach the payment receipt. The confirmation letter of the enrolment will be sent after having received the deposit.
  2. For underage students: attach “Liberatoria Minorenni-Release Form for Minors” duly completed, downloadable here
  3. In order to apply, please fill in the on-line registration form and send it by June 20th 2020: following documents must be digitally attached at the application form:
  • copy of an ID document;
  • (for minors) a duly completed release form (point 14)
  • copy of the proof of payment of the registration fee
  • Describe a list of music pieces you could perform as a soloist. If you want the accompaniment of the pianist, send the piano part of the chosen piece (only one piece for each active participant) at least 30 days before at archiinvilla20@libero.it.
  1. The enrolment and the accommodation (if requested) will be confirmed only after having received the application fee.
  2. The participation fee must be paid in full before the beginning of the masterclass either at the Festival Office with cash in Euro (we do not accept any other currency), or before your arrival by bank transfer (see details above)

Cost of the course

  1. July Courses

Paolo Vergari – piano + seminar, 20-21-22-23 July…..200,00

Dante Milozzi + Maria Fabiani – flute + piccolo + seminar, 20-21-22-23 July…..180,00

Susanna Bertuccioli – arpa, 20-21-22-23 July…..180,00

Riccardo Crocilla – clarinet, 24-25-26 July….150,00

Alejadra Rojas Garcia – bassoon, 24-25-26 July….150,00

Marco Salvatori – oboe + seminar, 24-25-26 July…..150,00

Paolo Valeriani – horn, 24-25-26 July…..120,00

Only Chamber Music  WINDS – WINDS & STRINGS – WIND & PIANO (without individual instrument lessons) 24-25-26 July:

duo – € 75.00 each

trio – € 50.00 each

quartet – € 40,00 each

  1. August 17-23 Courses

Dora Bratchkova + Andrea Saxer (violin)

Gerhard Muller (viola)

Alina Kudelevic (violoncello)

Fedele Antonicelli (piano)

Teaching Courses for active participants in the main course (violin, viola, cello):  individual instrument lessons + chamber music activities with Rasumowsky Quartett Bern and Fedele Antonicelli, in addition the participation in the seminar of the Baroque and Classic performance practice.

  • Enrolled active participants – High level…………  350 euros. Includes minimum 4 instrument lessons (60 minutes), chamber music lessons, rehearsal / lessons with chamber music teacher with piano, participation in all activities / seminars
  • Enrolled active young participants – Medium level…..  200 euros – Includes: minimum 4 instrument lessons (30 minutes) and access as auditors to other activities
  • Enrolled active participants only Chamber Music :
  • Duo :  180 euros each
  • Trio:    130 euros each
  • Quartetto and beyond:  110 euros each
  • Individual Lessons : on request it is possible to evaluate the availability of teachers to give individual lessons – 60’ euro 80,00
  1. August 24-30 Courses

Marco Rapattoni – piano, 24-25-26-27-28-29-30 August….250,00 euros

Danilo Formaggia – opera singing, 24-25-26-27-28-29-30 August….250,00 euros

  1. RobertoZechini  – Improvisation Workshop – basic level ( four 2-hour lessons) 45 euros
  2. Observer participants :
  • Listeners ……. 50 euros
  • Listeners – daily.. 20 euros

requirements for the activation of each course

  1. Active participants in the main course (violin, viola, cello) : Minimum 4 candidates; the maximum number of students is at the discretion of each teacher.

Rights of active participants

  1. Enrolled active participants are entitled to:
  2. active participation to the chosen course;
  3. active participation in chamber music lessons and concerts (for the concerts only on the recommendation of the masterclass teachers );
  4. free use of all studying rooms, instruments and material exclusively and explicitly available to participants;
  5. free participation as listener to all other courses;
  6. Right to make advantage of conventions and discounts for accommodation and meals

Rights of Observers

  1. Listeners are entitled to free entrance to all courses and concerts


  1. RASUMOWSKY QUARTETT scholarship for a particularly talented student   violin, viola, cello). This scholarship covers the entire cost of participation in the course. To participate in the selection it is necessary to send the ”Rasumowsky Quartett in Archi in Villa Baruchello scholarship competition” request no later than June 15th2020 to the e-mail address info.archiinvilla20@libero.itcontaining :
  2. your artistic CV
  3. a recording with at least two pieces of a different period, by means of the link from your private channel YouTube


  1. July – in Hotel with breakfast for the first 13 members. Modern 3-4 bed rooms with bathroom, fridge, TV, internet access, air conditioning, linen; 100 meters from the Villa where courses and concerts are held, 50 meters from the study rooms and 200 meters from the beach. See hotelbelvederepse.it Additional 6 beds are available in apartments (3+3)

August – full week: 8 beds in apartments and additional availability in the hotel (ask the organization) – read in information and conventions

Bookings for accommodation in the Convention Archi in Villa Baruchello must to go through the organization at the time of application.

  1. External hotel reservations. For those who request it, the organization undertakes to suggest a hotel accommodation that meets as closely as possible the characteristics requested by the participants, based on the availability of the moment, providing the applicant with the relevant information. Participants will have to deal with the booking procedures by themselves..
  2. Liability
  • The Club della Musica Association does not assume responsibility for the physical damage  caused by accidents that may occur during the course and for everything in which the participant may incur carrying out acts rash and / or neglect;
  • The Association is not able to decrease the normal risks associated with the movement on roads open to traffic so each participant must take on their own such risks and behave with prudence, observing the regulations.
  • The Club della Musica Association recommends to all members to abide by the normal rules of  education, coexistence and mutual respect and to maintain an appropriate behavior in a  course of study;


  • The parent or legal guardian who concludes the contract for participation in the Villa Baruchello Summer Academy & Festival Archi in Villa Baruchello on behalf of the participant who is under age, declares his or her agreement with the fact that the academy cannot assume any responsibility for supervising the participant who is under age. This applies in particular to behavior immediately before the beginning of the master-class/course or at the end of the master-class/course and outside the rooms where the master-class/course is held. Every registration of a participant who is under age requires a signed declaration by the parent or legal guardian to this effect.
  • The parent or legal guardian is responsible for damage caused by the participant who is under age. Furthermore, the parent or legal guardian indemnifies the academy concerning all claims to compensation which are asserted by the participant who is under age

Pictures, audio and video

  1. By applying to the the Villa Baruchello Summer Academy & Festival Archi in Villa Baruchello, the participant authorises the Club della Musica to make video and/or audio recordings, to take pictures, to transmit by radio or TV broadcast any of his/her lessons, rehearsals, concerts or Opera presentations, organized either by Club della Musica or by selected third party organizations or individuals. In particular, the participant surrenders to Club della Musica all the rights of said video and/or audio recordings and pictures for any use that might be relevant to the Festival. The Club della Musica reserves the right to use all pictures, audio and video recordings for promotional purposes related to the present edition of the Festival or to future editions, or to release the audio and/or video recordings for demonstrational or promotional purposes.


  1. Pursuant to EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (GDPR), we inform you that the data provided will be collected by the Cultural Association “Club della Musica” of Porto S. Elpidio ( FM) for the purposes of managing the activities of the members and will be processed and kept within the limits and in compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned decree. The provision of data is mandatory for the assessment of admission requirements and the conduct of training activities and coordination for administrative skills, initiatives and participation in artistic activities. The refusal to provide personal data, or the lack of authorization to the processing of sensitive data, makes it impossible to admit the courses and participate in the teaching activity. Owner of the processing of personal data is the Cultural Association of Music Club based in Porto S.Elpidio 63821 (FM) via dei Mille n.14

Terms & conditions acceptance

  1. Enrolment to the courses implies full acceptance of these terms of participation. In the event of any disputes, the terms of participation in the Italian language shall be legally binding.Participants waive all rights to initiate legal proceedings against the Festival.For matters not explicitly specified in the terms of participation, we refer to italian law and especially to the Italian laws governing the specific subject. The place of jurisdiction for all conflicts resulting from or related to the business relationship is Fermo, Italy. The present rules of participation can be changed for organisational reasons; already enrolled participants will be informed about the changes.
  2. Should it become necessary to cancel the courses for health reasons due to the COVID-19 emergency, the registration fee already paid by the participant will be fully refunded.